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Submit application materials (Chinese high school transcripts (in English), proof of attendance, passport, etc.) and fill out the "Application Form" (please obtain from Bethune Memorial Secondary School offices; or download from the official website).

Students and parents sign "Pre-admission Letter" and pay the tuition fee as required.

After the student has successfully obtained the visa, immediately send a copy of the visa via email or fax.

Upon arrival in Toronto, take the English placement test and start a pleasant Canadian school life.

The principal determines the credits that need to be taken based on the student transfer credits. The school also issues a "pre-admission letter."

After the school receives the tuition fee, the official "Admission Notice" will be issued within three working days and the student can apply for a Canadian Student Visa with the "Admission Notice".

Students may choose to fill out the "Application Form for Housing in Schools" and pay the relevant fees.

Application Process

School Year Calendar

Semester 1: September
Semester 2: February
Summer Courses: July

(International students will be given appropriate course arrangement and adjustment due to visa application delays.)

BMS 2018-2019 School Year Time Table(1)-
BMS 2018-2019 School Year Time Table(1)-


Before boarding in Canada, please bring along the domestic high school grades and our school's acceptance letter and proof of payment so that when you enter Canada, you can sign up for the Study Permit .


Payment Guidelines
School Calendar


Canada is renowned for being the most livable country in the world. Canada’s stable and fully developed economy, health care system, and education system are highly ranked in every quality of life survey.

The Canadian education system is ranked among the world's best, with the government spending 7% of their gross national product per year on education. Canada also has the highest university enrollment rate compared to the rest of the world.

Located on the northwestern shore of Lake Ontario, Toronto is Canada's largest economy hub and one of the nation's largest transportation hubs with the largest immigration population in the world. Ontario is home to the largest number of prestigious post-secondary institutions, including the University of Toronto, the University of Waterloo, York University, McMaster University, and Queens University.

Primary and Secondary School Academic Year

Canada's primary and secondary schools are under the jurisdiction of the Provincial Education Bureau, and are divided into public and private schools. All private schools are also subject to inspection and supervision of the Education Bureau.

Primary and secondary schools in Canada traditionally uses the school year system; a total of ten months a year - from September to the end of June, usually including two semesters, the first semester starting in September and the second semester in February. The mid-year holiday includes one to two weeks of Christmas break, New Year's holidays, other public holidays and spring break in March. Students do not have to attend classes on Saturdays and Sundays.

College & University Credit System

In Canada, most universities or colleges utilize the course credit system. The course credit system allows students to transfer easily to another university program while keeping all of their previously earned credit points.


This makes it much more convenient and efficient when students want to change career paths and pursue new opportunities. The university is divided into two semesters: the fall semester (September to December), and the spring semester (January to April). Some universities are divided into three semesters.

Postsecondary institutions issue degrees, diplomas and certificates based on the amount of credits earned and the length of the programs. A Bachelor’s degree generally consists a total of 90 credits in three years; an honours degree usually consists a total of 120 credits within 4 years; A master's degree in Canada typically requires two years of study after successful completion of an honours baccalaureate; and the qualification for a doctoral program is a master's degree, with a minimum of 3 years of study.

Canadian Education System
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