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Bethune Memorial School not only maintains a high standard of education, but also offers a wide variety of exciting extracurricular activities for students including: dance, music, basketball, tennis, photography, drawing and other activities or clubs that cater to every student's interests.

In order to cultivate students' personal and social responsibility, during the holidays, the school organizes group trips and guides students to visit the Royal Ontario Museum, Niagara Falls, downtown Toronto, the CN Tower and other outings to integrate students into Canada's diverse lifestyle.


The decision of studying abroad is an exciting one! Understanding that our students are miles away from their families and home countries, Bethune Memorial School staff endeavor to provide a safe, comfortable and nurturing living environment which they can call their home away from home.

Student dormitories are located right next to the teaching building, with a single room for each student, and two common rooms. Each room includes kitchen facilities, refrigerator, sofa, 50 "TV, dining table, desk, double bed, seats, internet and other utilities, all inclusive, heating and air conditioning, nutritious meals, and a 24 hour Security Guard at the dormitory floor.

The school employs a dedicated supervisor to take care of students' daily life, enhance their independence, help students integrate into new environments as soon as possible, overcome language and cultural barriers and allow them to feel comfortable staying with the Bethune Memorial School family.


The school is adjacent to the bustling business circle, within walking distance to large supermarkets, banks and various restaurants, and convenient transportation for students to travel easily. Scarborough Town Center, a major shopping mall, is only 5 minutes away by bus, providing a quality learning and living environment for students.


Bethune Memorial  School provides university application counseling and follow-up, subject selection, university lecture arrangements, and provides students with plenty of university information and professional advice. 

At Bethune Memorial School, we regularly offer university application counseling to explain skills and assets needed to ensure that high school students can submit high-quality applications in time. We also offer face-to-face meetings with students and parents as well to help individual students to choose and apply for a suitable university.

All graduates of Bethune Memorial School are accepted by prestigious schools or their ideal universities.

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