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Our Basic English Training Program provides special classes catered to beginners in English which helps them prepare for language exams such as IELTS, TOEFL or CAEL so students can enter Canadian high schools, colleges and Universities.

Entry Requirements

Students who participate in this program do not need IELTS, TOEFL, CAEL or other language scores, they are only required to provide average high school grades and indicate the hope of studying in universities. Students of Bethune Memorial School can apply for universities (undergraduate) for free with their high school grades.

Program Courses

The Basic English Training Program is divided into two courses: the Language course and English proficiency test preparation course (Choose one: IELTS, TOEFL, CAEL). The length of the language course depends on the students' English level, and the English proficiency test preparation course lasts for 12 weeks. Students completing both courses (AP2) with a score of 75 or above can apply for language proficiency test.

Students need to complete this course at the main Bethune Memorial School campus.


Canada is an English-speaking country. Speaking English is the essential key to communication and the cornerstone of everything.

Your quality of English decides whether you can understand the lesson and whether you can improve and live a higher quality of life.

Living in Canada, Chinese students can easily improve their grammar and listening skills, after all, Canada is an English-speaking country.

But speaking is often a weakness of the Chinese. Chinese language is very different from the English alphabet, and so are the cultures attached to those language. Also, silence, which for the Chinese is a virtue reflecting humbleness, is not valued in the West, where people tend to appreciate participation and outspokenness.

Our unique training courses focus on these weaknesses and practice daily impromptu speeches to help students learn how to respond quickly and effectively. Test centers are available in Toronto for students to take language tests including TOEFL, IELTS, or CAEL. With our unique training program, even the most difficult test questions become simple to answer.

Signing conditions


All students can sign up, we guarantee that students will pass the language test while studying at our school.

Pathway Program
Engish Speaking Class


Canadian universities are public universities, with an overall first-class teaching quality.


Every year, the government allocates funds to universities, funding their facilities, professors, and curriculum development. Their main goal is to train the next generation.

The overall difficulty of applying for universities in Canada is slightly higher than admissions in the United States and Australia; it is even more difficult to be admitted into the top universities.

In Canada, student competition is often not just in academic knowledge, but also the student's leadership skills, ability to express, and contribute to the community.

Our professional University Admission Service team has been engaged in the University application process for 10 years, with ample application experience and copywriting experience.

We are committed to aiding students with the University Application process. As long as the student has graduated from our school and participates in our Language Courses, we guarantee that our students will be able to be accepted into their ideal university.

Signing conditions

Only graduates of Bethune Memorial School, students who have taken our Language Courses, and IELTS students with 6.5 or more.

Guaranteed University Admission Service
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